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Maximize trusted tools

The benefits of blockchain are only as good as the technology experts and processes that structure and develop it. Coherent Solutions will help identify if blockchain applies to your business processes and devise a strategy to adopt it. Utilizing the best tools, languages, and partnerships, Coherent will get you on your way to a decentralized, immutable platform.


Innovation + Top Tier Developers = Blockchain Applications

Partner with Coherent Solutions to access and expand business use cases.  Design the platform with the relevant architecture, framework, tools, and/or application to support the use case: Hyperledger frameworks, Hyperledger tools, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and custom UI. Build out a prototype or a Proof of Value (POV) to evaluate the business value proposition. Develop a roadmap to implementation.

Business Consulting

  • Use-case evaluation
  • Blockchain readiness
  • Create initial business value proposition

Technical Consulting

  • Determine the blockchain platform strategy and architecture
  • Initial design of applications to provide end user usability of the platform

Proof of Concept/Application Development

  • Develop POC/pilot to validate use cases and business value
  • Develop UIs to translate the functionality to the business
  • Evaluate different features of blockchain toolsets and technology

Roadmap to Production Deployment

We are dedicated to developing with the latest emerging technologies while considering both our own use cases and those that apply to our customers. We know what it takes to produce an end product that solves your business problems. Understanding your vision is the first step but showing you how to get there is what we do best.

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Determine Use Case Evaluation Framework

The right use case is the foundation of your blockchain solution.  There are a number of considerations when evaluating whether your use case is appropriate from an efficiency, ROI, and security perspective.  Our team will create a framework to evaluate the value as well as work with you to expand an idea into a functional use case.

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Define Hosting Solution

There are many different hosting solutions and architectures that can be leveraged in your solution.  Our experts will work with your team to determine the right hosting solution and architecture based on your unique requirements and create a functional design to meet your needs.

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This is when the rubber meets the road.  We will develop a POC/pilot and create metrics to analyze if the solution meets your success criteria.

Define Data, Reporting & Analytics Needs_CoherentSolutions

Normal Development (Agile) Cycle

Our teams are experienced in agile software development. We will leverage the Agile SDLC model for building your solution.

Define Hosting Solution_BI_CoherentSolutions

Scale the Model for Production

The platform selected as part of the original architecture in part will be determined by the transaction volume and the performance requirements.  Once the solution has gone through the appropriate development and testing cycles, we will scale it to production volumes.

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Pilot in Production Environment

Once the platform is scaled to production, we will run a pilot to ensure it performs as expected prior to releasing broadly.


Phased Production Deployment

Depending on the size of your deployment, we will phase the production deployment out to ensure any issues are isolated and resolved.


Success Story Spotlight

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Coherent’s people are bright, engaged and ambitious… eager to solve problems. We knew we could rely on them to work through anything. Jayme McBride | Director of Business Intelligence at Bluestem Brands
Coherent Solutions BI Starter Kit

Coherent Solutions BI Starter Kit

The Coherent BI Starter Kit is a proven, phased management and technical framework that helps companies implement BI systems with highly predictable outcomes and manageable costs.

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Coherent Solutions Data Services

Our Data Services capability can help an organization to generate knowledge, translating into tangible value. Gathered insights will improve decision making, financial management, customer service and other mission-critical functions.