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Coherent Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner to bring our customers protected, flexible and dependable cloud services. From design and build to migration and support, our cloud experts offer a full range of public and hybrid solutions leveraging AWS architecture that is tailored to your business needs. With an augmented cloud solution offering scalable infrastructure in place, our customers can truly focus on technology innovation and growth.

What We Offer:

  • Native Development
  • Migration & Optimization
  • Services Delivery

With increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, Coherent Solutions designs, migrates, builds and supports complex cloud applications on AWS with our Certified AWS team. Coherent Solutions’ early adoption of AWS resulted in a deep understanding of the entire AWS platform and capabilities – a great benefit for customers. With AWS expertise from both business and technical standpoints, the Coherent team also expands its support for customers at any stage of the Cloud Adoption Journey.                   

Our advanced cloud expertise enables our customers to enhance their businesses and stay competitive. As an Advanced Tier Partner, our customers can take advantage of the many benefits we hold like free proof of concept applications and implementations, access to Amazon's own solutions architects, and discounted pricing, in some cases. Together, Coherent and AWS deliver successful AWS-based business solutions that will drive customer engagement for your business.

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